Going Paperless: Revisited

A few years ago, I wrote about a system I setup to automatically OCR and upload scanned documents to Google Drive. Since then I decommissioned the old server it used to run on. Rather than set this up again on the replacement server directly, I thought I’d package it up as a docker container. The advantages of this being:

  • I no longer need to maintain the Sabayon package or dependencies
  • The required pieces are nicely captured by the Dockerfile, so its easy to see what the requirements are in future
  • I can update the dependency package versions easily by rebuilding the image at a later date
  • It’s easier to move the setup around in case I want to run it on a different machine again in future
  • It’s easier for anyone else to reuse in the container format than as a blog post of incomplete instructions

The final container can be found on the Docker Hub at optiz0r/eyefi-drive, and the source on GitHub at optiz0r/eyefi-drive.

This was made using prior work of several other projects:


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