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  • puppet-sabayon

    I’ve just uploaded my first puppet module to the forge, optiz0r-sabayon, which improves support for the Sabayon Linux distribution in puppet. This does the following things: Overrides the operatingsystem fact for Sabayon hosts Adds a provider for entropy package manager, and sets this as the default for Sabayon Adds a shim service provider, that marks systemd as the…

  • ZFS on Sabayon

    Does ZFS work on Sabayon? Yes, very nicely 🙂 Here’s how:

  • Using puppet on Sabayon Linux

    I like puppet and I like Sabayon but out of the box they don’t play nicely together. Sabayon is a Gentoo derivative and looks to puppet like a Gentoo system which causes it to use the Gentoo providers for package and service resources. Unlike a stock gentoo install, Sabayon hosts use systemd and a binary package…